Delivery & Installation

Steel Delivery

As one of the leading steel suppliers in New South Wales, we have a wealth of experience in delivering all types of steel products to construction projects of all kinds. We understand the specific requirements of each project and can provide the right products and solutions to ensure a successful outcome. 



Delivery 1 MDA Steel Fab


At MDA Steel Fab we ensure that all steel components arrive on site ready to be installed, which includes all works from protective coatings being applied to holes ready for erection and installation.



The highly skilled team at MDA Steel Fab ensure all trial assemblies are performed at the manufacturing plant before delivery. This ensures that each component will fit together exactly as planned.



Timing is of vital importance. Acquiring the steel components, when you are in need of them is crucial to ensure the project is running smoothly, to avoid costly delays. However, having them too soon on site will take up space and could possibly lead to theft. That is why our MDA Steel Fab Team will ensure they are delivered on time.


We make sure that there are NO MISTAKES. Every component is assembled and delivered to site, with all necessary bracings, clips and other materials required for installation.


Steel Installation

At MDA Steel Fab, our steel installers are highly experienced professionals, that have extensive experience, qualifications and knowledge. The team will ensure that all quality and safety assurances are made to the overall project.

Our Steel Installers ensure precision on every step of the delivery to minimise delays, and problems.

Make sure to contact us if you are planning on developing a structure that involves steel components, our experienced team of professionals will ensure that your development project will go according to plan.

Our Process
Consulting Icon MDA Steel Fab

1. ConsultatioN

Upon our first discussion, our team will request a set of shop drawings prior to the installation for the Clients/Engineers Approval.


Approval Icon MDA Steel Fab


Once Approved, We visit the job site with the Drafting team for the project to ensure all accurate measurements. The MDA Steel Fab manufacturing team will have a discussion based on the shop drawings to ensure all works that will need to be completed for the project. 

Structural Steel Frabrication Icon MDA Steel Fab


At MDA Steel Fab, we ensure that the best and appropriate quality steel is sourced for the job to meet requirements. We then commence the fabrication stage based on the client’s approval and shop drawings, ensuring the all quality checks are made.

Spray Treatment Icon MDA Steel Fab


At MDA Steel Fab, we apply all types of surface treatment options of our structural steel beams to increase to durability and longevity. Our Surface Treatments include, Hot Dip Galvanising, Weather Proof Primer, Zinc Phosphate Priming. This treatment will depend on engineers request.

Deliver to Site Icon MDA Steel Fab

5. DELIVER to site

After fabrication and spray treatment is finished, we perform a test assembly of all the components associated to the project to check that they meet the specifications in the proposed drawings. This step is completed at the manufacturing plant by our highly experienced team before delivery. Once the checks are done  to ensure each component fits together, we then deliver the products directly to your site.

Installation Icon MDA Steel Fab


At MDA Steel Fab we ensure that there are NO MISTAKES when installing various steel structures at your project. We ensure precision on every step of the process to minimise delays and problems. Our team of professional are dedicated to meeting your budget, and timing of the project.


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