Surface Treatment

Steel Surface Treatment for a More Durable Finish

Surface treatment is an important part of the steel fabrication process. Our experienced team at MDA Steel Fab can provide a variety of surface treatments to meet your specific needs. We can supply and deliver items in finishes that meet your exact requirements, including zinc phosphate primer, power coating, and more. With our surface treatment capabilities, we can provide the perfect finish for your steel fabrication project by choosing the right steel surface treatment by recognising the level of corrosive threat and any aesthetic concerns.


Zinc Phosphate Priming is an inorganic chemical compound which provides active corrosion resistance to carbon and low alloy steel. 


The chemical coating method or also known as powder coating technique uses compressed air to apply a specially formulated powdered material to steel surface. This technique is a common technique used in the steel fabrication industry.


The Hot Dipping or also known as galvanisation technique can be used on all shapes of steel. This method involves immersing the fabricated steel in a bath of molten zinc.

Whether the steel will be indoors or outdoors and to what temperature the steel will be exposed to will have a considerable impact. At MDA Steel Fab we will ensure that your steel will be adequately protected by using the correct technique to ensure its durability, strength and longevity. 


Surface Treatment MDA Steel Fab
What is surface treatment?

Surface treatment is important because it can improve the performance of the material. It can also protect the material from the environment and improve its appearance.

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Our Process
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1. ConsultatioN

Upon our first discussion, our team will request a set of shop drawings prior to the installation for the Clients/Engineers Approval.


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Once Approved, We visit the job site with the Drafting team for the project to ensure all accurate measurements. The MDA Steel Fab manufacturing team will have a discussion based on the shop drawings to ensure all works that will need to be completed for the project. 

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At MDA Steel Fab, we ensure that the best and appropriate quality steel is sourced for the job to meet requirements. We then commence the fabrication stage based on the client’s approval and shop drawings, ensuring the all quality checks are made.

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At MDA Steel Fab, we apply all types of surface treatment options of our structural steel beams to increase to durability and longevity. Our Surface Treatments include, Hot Dip Galvanising, Weather Proof Primer, Zinc Phosphate Priming. This treatment will depend on engineers request.

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5. DELIVER to site

After fabrication and spray treatment is finished, we perform a test assembly of all the components associated to the project to check that they meet the specifications in the proposed drawings. This step is completed at the manufacturing plant by our highly experienced team before delivery. Once the checks are done  to ensure each component fits together, we then deliver the products directly to your site.

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At MDA Steel Fab we ensure that there are NO MISTAKES when installing various steel structures at your project. We ensure precision on every step of the process to minimise delays and problems. Our team of professional are dedicated to meeting your budget, and timing of the project.


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